Self-Learn English

5 Tips to Self-Learn English

If you feel that the English classes are not enough for you to learn the dynamic areas of the language, you will need some time to learn it yourself. You will also need a bit of motivation and dedication to find time from your busy life every day to learn English. You do not need formal English lessons when you can use these tips to learn it yourself. Follow these tips step by step to become fluent in reading and speaking English.

Plan it out

When you decide to make a routine to learn English on a daily basis, you need to relax and plan it out according to your first requirement. If you can read properly, but your English speaking skills are not up to the mark, you will need to plan English speaking lessons. If you cannot read it properly, you will have to start reading books and making notes. Do not be in a hurry, no matter which stage you are on. Make realistic goals and try to dedicate some time every day to keep your learning on track.

Entertain yourself

Learning English can become fun with entertainment. Listening to English songs and watching English movies without subtitles can train your brain to understand and speak English. When children start learning, they are given books and rhymes at their initial learning steps to develop a basic vocabulary and understanding of sounds. You can also become a natural learner with music, books, and movies. Listen to English rap artists as rap songs have the most vocabulary you can learn from a song.

Listen to online podcasts

Another great way to develop an understanding of the English language is to listen to good podcasts in English. You can pick an interesting topic and find some good podcasts on it. Subscribe to some of your favorite channels that you can listen to before going to sleep or while having your breakfast. These podcasts can help you learn the common slangs like ‘you know’ that you can use between your sentences to cover up the places where you get stuck.

Join a club

Apart from the English speaking classes, there are also many English speaking clubs where you can meet people who are learning the language by communicating with each other. Make a group of friends who can speak to you in English without judging your fluency or vocabulary. Attend the club meetings every week for activities and games that will help everyone in improving their English. This way you can skip the boring formal lessons and learn English while having fun and making new friends.


Subscribe to magazines and news channels

Keep yourself updated with the recent events around the world with newspapers, magazines, and news channels. This will give you plenty of topics to discuss with your friends. The more topics you will have to make small talks about, the better chances you will have in improving your conversational skills. Several times it is not the underconfidence of speaking English that brings you down, but the knowledge about the topic that your friends are talking about stops you from involving yourself.

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