Fluently Speak English

How to Fluently Speak English in 10 Days

Speaking English is a basic requirement for any MNC today as it is the most common language used by the world to communicate. Even when you travel to a different country, English is a language that will help you interact with the locals, unless you know their local language or they know yours. This has made speaking English crucial for international communication while also adding to your personality and skills while pursuing your career. English speaking is easy if you can understand it. You can start speaking in fluent English in a matter of time with the right education and these helpful tips.

Right Education

Talk to yourself

The more you speak in English, the better it will become. This is the foundation of learning to speak English. Use English whenever or wherever you can with the motive of making it fluent. Do not worry about embarrassment as that is one of the stages you will have to cross one day for sure. Stay focused on your intention to speak as much as you can until you start noticing yourself becoming comfortable with it.

Readout loud

Reading books is a smart way to improve your vocabulary and fluency in English. Sit with a book for 15-30 minutes every day and read it out loud. While you are reading out the lines, you will find problems with speaking at few parts because of difficulty in pronunciation. The more your practice it, the better your pronunciation will become. Do not stress over getting it right the first time. Enjoy the book and read line by line. Refer to a dictionary if there are any words that you do not understand, which brings us to the next step.

Keep a dictionary

During learning to speak English, you should always carry a dictionary with you and learn a new word every day. Try to use the word in your conversations whenever possible. Do not be afraid not to make sense in your sentence at times. Adding a new word to your vocabulary is not easy, but if you can do it, you can have 365 unique words to use in your conversations at the end of a year.

Listen to English music

Listening to music is a great way of relaxing and also learn the flow of how the wordplay goes. Listen to music in the hip-hop genre and try to stick along with the rap artist during the song. It will quickly help you to develop your own style of talking, and you will automatically be more fluent with words. Watching English movies without subtitles is another way to train your brain into speaking sentences properly.

English music

Make friends who speak English

When you have a company that always communicate in English, you will lose your fear of talking to others in English and become a natural speaker. Find friends who can support you during your learning period, so you are not shy about speaking English in front of them. Soon you will be speaking comfortably in English without letting anyone know that you did it in only a matter of time.

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